Some Design Inspirations for Atowak Watches

Some Design Inspirations for Atowak Watches

The name of our brand name "ATOWAK" is inspired by Caesar Cypher, which is a straightforward type of encryption. The technique for encryption is named after Julius Caesar, who utilized this enigmatic encoding to speak with his authorities.

At present, ATOWAK has 3 series, namely COBRA, ETTORE, and WINDOWS.

COBRA's design is inspired by the king of snakes, the cobra, and this stunning and unique case mimics the cobra's hood. The three-dimensional shape of the watch is also similar to the impeccable attack power of the cobra, dangerous and charming.

In addition, ATOWAK COBRA has a unique rotating satellite hour wheel. The hour indicators on the three-wheel arms rotate 120˚ at a time between the four sides to indicate the 12 hours of the day. The top of the watch features a faceted silver crown, and time flows in black serpentine.

As the dial turns, the hands penetrate time and air like the fangs of a cobra. Sharp and untouchable, like a beautiful and unapproachable cobra.


ETTORE is inspired by the aesthetics of supercars, drawn from the clear lines and fast curves of the track. Such a stunning design will get your adrenaline pumping and fall in love at first sight.

ETTORE is full of cutting-edge technology, with a built-in complex 4-arm wandering hour time display system, redefining the wandering time automatic watch. The rotating hour hand moves precisely and continuously, along its dial, revealing like a racing car galloping into view.

WINDOWS Pro allows us to experience the simple joys of the retro world through the design of FM radio, which can bring us back to the 1970s in an instant.

WINDOWS Pro allows you to find different channels and experience different fun by dialing the dial of the radio, similar to the dial time of the radio, and now the "radio" on your wrist can tell you the time. The second is a sliding number in a small window. It's made from Swiss Super-Luminova for easy nighttime reading.