Top 5 Reasons to Gift a Watch for 2022 Christmas & 2023 New Year

Top 5 Reasons to Gift a Watch for 2022 Christmas & 2023 New Year

Another year of Christmas is coming, the winter snow is falling, the air is filled with the Christmas scent of oranges and cinnamon, everyone has put on their Christmas decorations in their homes, and the Christmas tree should have been arranged. Time to think about what to gift your loved ones. While many gifts are usually small tokens of appreciation like a bottle of wine or a nice cardigan, sometimes you want to go above and beyond for someone special and that calls for a special gift - a timeless wrist can meet your needs.

PEACOCK Climber Tourbillon Watch

This watch is inspired by the Chinese-Japanese joint mountaineering team wearing the peacock watch that successfully climbed Namunani Peak in 1985. It is a watch made by China's PEACOCK Group. PEACOCK Climber Tourbillon Watch pays tribute to the climbing spirit of mountaineers who are fearless, defend their beliefs with their lives, and break through the limit. The electroplated stainless steel case has a diameter of 45 mm, a thickness of 13.5 mm, and a water resistance of 50 meters.

The Climber Series Tourbillon watch continues Peacock Watch’s strict genetic requirements for tourbillon technology and watches art, combined with the brand’s independent research and development, and the special advantages of flexible manufacturing movements. This tourbillon watch is equipped with an automatic and manual winding tourbillon movement, which enables the watch to have a regular operation function and a strong kinetic energy reserve. Power reserve up to 45 hours, balance wheel frequency 21,600 A/H. There is a tourbillon window at 6 o'clock on the watch, and at the same time, this fascinating tourbillon movement is clearly visible through the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal on the back, perfectly demonstrating the uniqueness of the tourbillon watch.

If the other party is a watch collector, this unique and exquisite gift is sure to make your gift stand out from the crowd.

ATOWAK Cobra Automatic Watch

The case shape of ATOWAK Cobra Automatic Watch is inspired by the cobra, which faintly exudes an undoubted power like a cobra.

The basic movement of Cobra is MIYOTA 9039. On this basis, the three-dimensional star wheel is redesigned. The hour indicators on the three-wheel arms rotate 120˚ each time between the four sides to indicate the 12 hours of the day. With a silver crown on top, time meanders.

The entire case is made of 316L stainless steel with a Côtes de Genève pattern on the surface and a carbon fiber panel with the badge underneath. The case required a gradual transformation of 300 tons of heavy machinery through multiple gravity presses. Only then does it go through 50 different finishing and polishing processes to achieve the perfect shape. In addition, COBRA also has Swiss Super Luminous, the use of Swiss Super-LumiNova luminous material helps COBRA shine in the desert at night or move like lightning in the city darkness.

Such a cobra shaped watch will definitely make you a highlight on your wrist at various social parties.

OLTO-8 INFINITY Ⅱ Mechanical Watch

If you are a person who likes speed and excitement, then you should pay for the INFINITY Ⅱ series of OLTO-8. The INFINITY II mechanical automatic watch offers a new way of reading time, and its stunning motorsport design makes people fall in love at first sight. INFINITY Ⅱ adopts a 44*44mm one-piece case and provides 2 different versions (Roman numerals and Arabic numerals). It adopts the latest Swiss luminous and 5ATM waterproof technology to make your style shine anytime and anywhere.

This watch features a 5-tier dial layout that indicates hours (inner upper index), minutes (outer full circle index), and seconds (inner lower index). Combined with the multi-hand system - 2-hour hands arranged at 180°, 1-minute hands with a special triangle, and 3 seconds hands arranged at 120°, every second of yours is unique. The OLTO-8 INFINITY Ⅱ Mechanical Watch's movement and watches are backed by a 2-year international warranty for years of maintenance-free operation.

How can such a watch full of passionate design and craftsmanship not be exciting?

LANKZET Tourbillon Mechanical Smartwatch

LANKZET Tourbillon Mechanical Smartwatch is a smartwatch that combines a tourbillon and a display screen. It is equipped with a custom-made ring-shaped FSTN LCD segment code screen. It uses AmbiQ’s ultra-low power consumption MCU and deeply optimized FreeROTS, allowing the TX602 to have excellent standby time. Charging can stand by for more than 30 days.

This watch adopts the mode of the central tourbillon, and the independent tourbillon module adopts the manual winding method, and the winding time can last for more than 36 hours. In addition, the tourbillon travel time is independent of the smart module, and the tourbillon module will not affect the watch. Regarding the accuracy of travel time, users can wind or not wind according to their own preferences. The tourbillon rotation cycle is 60 seconds/turn, which is the same as the traditional second-hand cycle and can be used as an independent pointer.

In addition, the watch comes with low-power Bluetooth BLE5.0, which can be connected to the APP to automatically update the time; at the same time, it also has functions such as calendar, lunar calendar, second-time zone, stopwatch, step counting, calories, heart rate, blood oxygen, and sleep monitoring.

This is a new type of smartwatch with long battery life, constant screen display, rich color matching, strong design sense, strong appearance texture, mechanical sense, and tourbillon. It must be a crazy gift for watch lovers!

HNATUY Hero I Quartz watch

Although many watches come with high prices, and many people have different definitions of affordable, some high-quality watches are very affordable. A good watch doesn't have to be expensive.

This HNATUY Hero I series watch is worth no more than $50. It uses high-quality quartz movement and has a classic chronograph appearance, which is easy to match with business wear. It has functions such as seconds, minutes chronograph, seconds chronograph, calendar, and tachymeter, all beautifully designed. 

The watch's 5 ATM water resistance and shock resistance means you can go snorkeling and take cold showers with the watch. The blue light glass helps you quickly control the time in bright light, and the luminous dial is perfect for night reading.The wooden box packaging of this watch will be very special and always in line with HNATUY's philosophy of the following nature.

This multifunctional chronograph watch is perfect for any occasion that suits you, business, daily wear, wedding, party, etc. It makes a great gift idea for all occasions and is an excellent addition to a men's watch.

The above watches may wish to be added to the wish list as a choice for exchanging gifts or rewarding yourself at the end of the year, turning time into a magnificent and charming extraordinary craftsmanship, and writing a wonderful chapter in the coming new year.