Tourbillon Mechanical Smartwatch

Tourbillon Mechanical Smartwatch

What is a tourbillon watch?

A tourbillon watch is a mechanical watch, which was invented by Louis Breguet in 1795. You can call it a tourbillon regulator, or in short, a tourbillon. It is a mechanical device that basically consists of a rotating cage and an escapement, with the rotating cage having at least one balance wheel.

The tourbillon carriage is driven by a gear system that rotates co-axially with a crown of teeth on the main plate. This crown maintains the oscillation of the oscillator by means of a pinion carried by the tourbillon carriage. In a conventional tourbillon, this pinion is the escapement wheel, but not necessarily.

The difference between a tourbillon watch and a mechanical watch

1.The biggest difference is the principle of balance wheel

A mechanical watch balance wheel is generally fixed and subject to gravity in one direction.

Tourbillon makes the balance wheel system rotate, thus balancing the gravitational force, so that each direction is subject to gravity.


The balance wheel of a mechanical watch is generally fixed to the plate bridge, and the balance wheel makes a reciprocal rotation oscillation.

Tourbillon not only oscillates the balance wheel reciprocally, but also rotates the whole balance wheel mechanism evenly.


The travel error of mechanical watch is bigger, the travel error of tourbillon is less than the former under the same quality.

Tourbillon Mechanical Smartwatch

LANKZET focuses on the tourbillon mechanical smart watch combining technology and machinery since 2019, the founder majoring in timepiece, has traditional mechanical movement design, quartz movement design and smart watch movement design technology, and has applied for nearly 100 inventions and utility model patents.

In 2022, LANKZET launched the world's first tourbillon mechanical smartwatch and won the gold medal in the annual MUSE International Design Competition.

TX602 is the second generation of tourbillon - mechanical smartwatch developed by LANKZET and the world's first smartwatch combining tourbillon and display, equipped with an exclusive customized ring-shaped FSTN LCD segment screen (segment LCD screen without flicker, which can reduce eye fatigue to a greater extent than the traditional color display), AmbiQ's ultra-low-power MCU and deeply optimized FreeROTS, so that the TX602 has excellent standby time, a charge can standby for more than 30 days.

TX602 has rich functions to meet users' daily needs compared with ordinary mechanical watches/tourbillon watches, and it is easy to maintain for daily wear, even if you forget to wind up, it will not affect the time, which solves users' anxiety of wearing watches, and it can continuously update the watch functions through APP to keep long-term interaction with users; at the same time, it has the functions of smart watches, the wearing experience of quartz watches, and the mechanical beauty and value of advanced tourbillon the mechanical beauty and value of the watch.