About Us

Didamoda is a watchmaking company from Hong Kong, China. We are a professional watch mall focusing on the research and development of timepiece, providing watch movements and watch customization services for professional watchmakers.

We have state-of-the-art watch movement production technology and have been developing 7 different watch movements over the years, including chronograph, tourbillon, and automatic calendar. We bring together all the different stages of watchmaking on the same attribute: conception, manufacture, engraving, maintenance, etc. All mechanical watchmaking complications are designed and developed in our own workshop centers. From the manufacture of the movement mechanism to the sketching of the watch to the execution of the plan, every stage of the manufacture of a timepiece is followed to its successful completion.

Our long-term mission is to provide unique and affordable timepieces for watch lovers like you. As an independent online watch mall, we plan to stay true to our core mission. We provide consumers with the highest quality and most exclusive watches and the same after-sales service, bringing consumers the one-stop-shop Shopping fun.


Founded in 1957, PEACOCK is dedicated to the technical research of complicated mechanical watch movements, combining the processes with social developments, exploring innovations, and revolutionizing the industry's development model.

This uncompromising blend of tradition and innovation is the pillar of PEACOCK's craftsmanship.

Distinctive, Sophisticated and Precise
Doing The Ultimate

In 2003, PEACOCK's first tourbillon watch came out, adding many functions such as a calendar, energy display, and automatic, making it have a more perfect shape and higher collection value. Ten years later, Peacock developed a double tourbillon movement with independent intellectual property rights, and the double tourbillon positions are at 5 o'clock and 7 o'clock. There are only two watchmaking companies in the world capable of producing this double tourbillon watch, and PEACOCK is one of them.