Care Guides

1. Operating environment
  • Please use the watch at room temperature, if the temperature is out of tolerance, it will affect the normal operation of the watch. Please don't wear the watch in a hot environment (such as a sauna) to avoid burning the skin.
  • Please don't place the watch in a place where it is exposed to high temperatures (e.g. in a car dashboard compartment) to avoid damage to the watch.
  • Please don't place the watch in a humid place or near a magnetic field. This may cause malfunction of the internal circuitry of the device.
  • Please don't subject the watch to strong shocks, such as the watch falling to the ground.
  • Please don't use the watch in an environment where it may come into contact with chemicals or corrosive gases. If the watch is exposed to solvents such as thinner or gasoline or substances containing such solvents, it may be discolored or broken. If the watch comes into contact with mercury used in the thermometer, the case, strap or other parts may be discolored.
  • Please don't put the watch into fire, as this may cause an explosion.
  • Please don't use the watch in a dusty environment, as fine dust entering the watch may cause the buttons to malfunction or the crown of the watch to fail to turn.
2. Waterproof

All watches have passed a certain waterproof test, please refer to the detailed introduction of the corresponding watch, but it is not suitable for bathing, swimming, diving, etc. Please don't operate the watch functions while the watch is in water, and pay attention to the following.
  • Avoid car wash with high water pressure, strong tap water, and direct impact from lotus heads.
  • When the watch is wet, please do not touch too much soap or shampoo (containing alkaline substances), which may accelerate the deterioration of the water ring, so please pay special attention.
  • Since hot springs contain ingredients that cause discoloration, corrosion, and deterioration of water rings, please take off your watch when bathing, soaking in hot springs, or swimming.

3. Watch battery

LANKZET watches follow this policy.

  • All watch is equipped with a non-removable built-in battery, please do not replace the battery by yourself to avoid damage to the battery or the watch. Please find the official after-sales service to replace the battery, and do not replace it by yourself.
  • Please don't connect the metal conductor to the battery poles or touch the battery disconnection to avoid short-circuiting the battery.
  • Please don't disassemble or modify the battery, insert foreign objects, or immerse it in water or other liquids to avoid battery leakage, overheating, fire, or explosion.
  • If the battery leaks, do not allow skin or eyes to come in contact with the leaking liquid. If contact is made with skin or eyes, rinse immediately with water and go to a hospital for treatment.